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Monarch butterfly drinking nector from a milkweed flower

How to Germinate Your Seeds for Growing

Native seeds need a cold period to germinate. There are two ways to germinate them. 1. Winter Sowing 2. Stratification


You Can Help! It's Easy!

The most effective way you can help is by planting a pollinator-friendly garden that includes milkweed for the Monarchs to lay their eggs. There are many native plants that are also great for other butterflies, bees, humming birds, and pollinators.

How to Help

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There are so many wonderful pollinator conversations and new friends that we have made over the past 3 years at our presentations and events. Join us at our next one!

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Purchases of our pollinator-themed merchandise help to get the message out that pollinators need our help, fund our plant giveaways and defray the cost of making our informational brochures and handouts.

Our t-shirts, notecards, pins, stickers and more make great gifts! All are are available at our Etsy Shop (linked below), and at the Bizzy Buzz Artisan Market, 409 S. Main St. in Downtown Rochester.

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