Welcome to our Fall 2023 Native Plant Clearance Sale!

Individual Michigan Native Plants

Individual plants come in 2" plugs/pots unless otherwise noted as "premium 2.5". Light, soil and moisture needs are noted in the descriptions. All have been discounted. (Note: the preorder code is still in effect!)

After ordering, please schedule your pick-up time between 9am and 5pm, M-F, via email: pollinators@trentcreative.com
Pick-up Location: Trent Creative Office, 114 E 2nd St, Downtown Rochester

Please give us at least 24 hours to have your order ready for you at your chosen pick up time. 
ALL Orders must be picked up as stated above. No orders can be shipped.

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Remember: Native plants don't need as much water and they need no pesticides or other toxic chemicals. Once established, they require less care and their long roots soak up water, clean some toxins, and help with erosion and soil compaction. Many native plants support multiple beneficial insect species and birds. Check each plant description for details!


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  • Sand Coreopsis (2")
    Sand Coreopsis freeshipping - Rochester Pollinators
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