Public Pollinator Gardens

 Where Have All the Butterflies Gone?

Most agree that butterflies are beautiful and one could argue that they are possibly the most beloved insect. However, it is not uncommon to hear older adults remark about the absence of butterflies that they used to see. In the last 25 years, pollinator populations, including butterflies and bees, have been in decline throughout the United States. The most famous example is the endangered Monarch butterfly. Populations of the Eastern Monarch have declined by 80% since 1996. Western Monarchs have declined by 99%. Our native bees and exotic honey bees are also in decline with some native bees considered to be endangered.

Why are these pollinators declining? The main reasons are:

  • habitat loss due to over development
  • decline of important native host plants for feeding and breeding due to invasive exotic plants and bacteria/viral infections that are brought by alien species
  • use of pesticides
  • effects associated with climate change

How can we bring native pollinators back? One of the most important things we can do is to provide pesticide-free habitat that contains flowering native plant varieties.

Here's some good news: Locally, in the Rochester/Rochester Hills/Oakland Twp area, the number of Pollinator Gardens have been steadily growing! The Rochester Pollinators are committed to supporting and directly implementing the planning and planting of native plant gardens for pollinators.

See below for several examples of recent pollinator garden projects:

Pollinator Gardens in the Rochester Area

 City of Rochester

Rochester Municipal Park Butterfly Garden

Rochester Hills Public Library,

500 Olde Town Rd.

Rochester Fire Station

277 E 2nd Street

Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve

333 N. Hill Street

Rochester Older Persons Commission

650 Letica Dr.


 City of Rochester Hills

The Moutrie Garden

Paintcreek Trailways, Tienken Rd.

Van Hoosen Farm

1005 Van Hoosen Rd.

Innovation Hills

2800 W. Hamlin Rd.

Harding Green Space

Between Harding Ave and Clinton River

East of Livernois


West Middle School

500 Old Perch Rd.

Oakland Township

Gallagher Creek Park

2780 Silverbell Rd.

Cranberry Lake Farm

384 W. Predmore Rd.


Prairie Remnants and Restorations

Howlett Park, Prairie Restoration

401–495 Romeo Rd, Rochester

Paint Creek Heritage Area, Wet Prairie 

1150 Silverbell Rd., Oakland Twp.

Charles Isley Park

1479 E. Predmore Rd., Oakland Twp

Draper Twin Lake Park, Prairie Restoration

1015 Inwood Rd., Oakland Twp


For further information regarding pollinators and conservation: