List of Resources for more Pollinator Information

Plant Lists & Pollinator Guide Resources:


• Wild Type Nursery (
• Hidden Savannah Nursery (
• Michigan Conservation districts
• Design By Nature (
• Michigan Wildflower Farm – seed (
• Prairie Moon Nursery (
• Prairie Nursery (

Educational Material:

• A Field Guide to the Natural Communities of Michigan (Josh Cohen et al.)
• Landscaping with Native Plants of Michigan (Lynn Steiner)
• Rain Gardens (Lynn Steiner)
• Bringing Nature Home (Doug Tallamy)

Components of a Butterfly Garden 

What it takes to start your butterfly garden including nectar rich plants, host plants and the butterflies that need them for their young, and the pollinators they attract. 

Rochester Pollinators Brochure

Why pollinators and the Monarch butterfly need our help; the Rochester Pollinators' mission. 

Pollinator Plant List

A list of 18 pollinator plants with heights, sun and water needs perfect for your home garden! 

Starter Garden Layout

Original starter pollinator garden layout. 

Garden Plans

Various garden plans based on your space, sun and soil type. 

List of Annuals

A list of preferred nectar rich pollinator annuals. 

Links to Other Resources:

Nesting & Overwintering Habitat for Pollinators & Other Beneficial Insects

A Comprehensive Guide to Move Beyond Flowers and Create Overwintering Habitat in Your Landscaping 

Soft Landings

Creating Soft Landings underneath native trees, especially Oak Trees, is crucial to so many butterflies, moths and more. 

Native Plant Finder for Your Area

A great source for locating plants that are the best for your area on his website.

Put your Pollinator Garden on the Map

Home Grown National Park: Doug Talamy
Join others across the nation by adding your pollinator garden on the map. They do not ask for personal information—only location and size.


Explore and share your observation of the natural world.


Nature's Best Hope: Conservation Starts in Your Own Backyard

Well worth watching! It's informative, interesting and inspiring. Presented by Doug Tallamy, the founder of the Backyard Pollinator Plant Movement

Great Pollinator Organizations you can Join:

North Oakland Wild Ones

Have fun and make new friends while learning about Michigan native plants, shrubs and trees. 

A local group to join in educating and promoting the benefit and use of Michigan native plants. They have local speakers and organize field trips to nearby locations, including parks and members’ homes. 

Michigan Wildflower Association

This is a member-based non-profit organization formed in 1986. In other words, we are a bunch of enthusiastic volunteers