About Rochester Pollinators

Rochester Pollinators was Founded in 2019 to Save the Monarch Butterfly—It's Now So Much More

Our Mission

Rochester Pollinators’ mission is to provide education and resources to preserve the Monarch butterfly and pollinator population. We believe that every citizen can help our local pollinators flourish by reintroducing Michigan native plants into local landscapes, including home gardens, businesses and municipal landscapes. We aim to reach as many people as we can with this message! 

Who We Are

The Rochester Pollinators is a committee of the City Beautiful Commission of Rochester, Michigan. 

Rochester resident and business woman, Marilyn Trent (Trent Creative Design), founded the Rochester Pollinators committee in 2019 when she learned that the Monarch butterfly was in decline by up to 90% in the past 20 years. Loss of habitat was one significant reason for the decline. She proposed to the City of Rochester that they could plant milkweeds and other native flowering plants in the city landscaping. It was approved! The Rochester Pollinators Committee of the Rochester City Beautiful Commission was formed.

Board Committee Members, (l to r): Amber Quesenberry, Stephanie Smith, Marilyn Trent and Jane Giblin

Today, the Rochester Pollinators have expanded their focus to include action to save all of our native pollinators, birds and other wildlife by restoring native plants to local and municipal landscapes. Our focus and strategy is simple: restore native habitat by planting native plants, beginning in your own backyard! 

The City of Rochester now has 5 public gardens that feature native plantings and a 13 acre park that includes a restored prairie remnant. Downtown Rochester includes milkweeds and other native flowers in their bump-outs along Main Street. Over the past 3 years, hundreds of residents have begun to grow native plants, trees and shrubs in their own yards and common neighborhood areas, such as HOA entrance landscaping. Our reach has expanded beyond the residents of Rochester to include people in neighboring towns and cities who come to our workshops and native plant sales. 

We are always willing to share what we know and to help others begin active work in their cities and towns to help save pollinators. If you have questions or want to connect, please reach out to us! pollinators@trentcreative.com

What We Do

Each year, the Rochester Pollinators:

  • Give away 100's of milkweed plants (and other native seedlings) at the Downtown Rochester Farmers' Market and other events
  • Increase native plantings and pollinator gardens in the City of Rochester
  • Give a variety of presentations and workshops in Rochester and in surrounding cities
  • Promote & advocate for conservation & sustainability at city and regional events
  • Manage & maintain a free native seed library at Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve

  • Maintain Facebook and Instagram channels with 1,700+ followers
  • Send out bi-monthly newsletters to 1,200+ subscribers

You can save our pollinators all Year Round!

How We Are Funded

The supporting sponsor for Rochester Pollinators is Trent Creative design firm.

The Rochester Pollinators committee is self-sustaining through funds raised by native plant sales each spring and fall at the Rochester Farmers Market and selling Rochester Pollinator swag through: 

If you would like to donate, go to: Donate

Proceeds from plant and swag sales are donated to the City of Rochester, Butterfly Pledge.  

We are a volunteer based organization with over 120 passionate pollinator enthusiasts and committed volunteers who help us fulfill our mission.


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