Rochester Pollinator Workshops

We Offer Presentations and Workshops!

The Rochester Pollinators have developed several presentations and workshops on topics that support our pollinators. We are happy to bring them to your group!

Places where we have presented:

  • The Rochester Hills Public Library
  • City of Rochester Hills, Home Owners Association (HOA) Conference
  • Dinosaur Hill Nature Center
  • Wild Ones, North Oakland Chapter
  • Local garden clubs
  • Rochester City Council
  • Clinton River Watershed Council (CRWC)

Topics include:

  • Ecological challenges to Monarch butterfly, bee and bird populations and steps to take to help save them 
    • Impacts of Neonicitinoids and other pesticides
    • Native habitat restoration
    • The value of native plants vs non-natives in supporting our struggling ecosystems
  • The native plants/pollinator connections
  • How to plant native seeds:
    • Winter sowing
    • Stratification 
  • Pollinator-friendly fall clean-up practice
  • Spring garden readiness
  • Plants that feed butterflies, bees and birds
  • Rain gardens and how to plant and design them to help you and the pollinators

New topics are always in the works. We would love to come and share with your group or organization! Just contact us at: