Rochester Pollinators Free Seed Library

Dinosaur Hill Nature Center, 333 North Hill Cir., Rochester Hills, MI 48307
Hours: 12-5pm, Fri-Sat
Go to the Dino Hill website for more information and availability.

What Is It?

One of the most important things we can do for pollinators is restore native habitat to our green spaces and this includes your yard!

It warms our pollinator hearts that so many folks have purchased native plant seedlings during our spring and fall market days and have begun native butterfly gardens.

Now the Rochester Pollinators are happy to present to you a new native seed library, Locally Sown! This seed library provides an opportunity for you to "borrow" a variety of native seeds and plant them in your designated spot.

There is a wide variety of local native plant types to choose from, including:

  • Wild Columbine
  • Native Bee Balm
  • Foxglove Beardtongue
  • Great Lobelia
  • Rose (Swamp) Milkweed
  • Butterfly Weed
  • Nodding Wild Onion
  • Purple Coneflower

And many others!

All seeds are curated, certified and managed by our very own
Seedy Librarian and her team of assistants!

It's Easy To Use!

Locally Sown is located in the Dinosaur Hill Nature Center, 333 North Hill Cir., Rochester Hills. The seeds are organized and stored in the drawers of an old library card catalog there along with detailed instructions.

In order to borrow seeds you must do the following:

1. Fill out a membership form (see image below). Membership is free! The form is simply for us to keep track of which seeds are going and where. All membership forms are stored in a binder on the premises.

2. Choose up to 5 packs of different native seeds.

3. Record the Date Borrowed, Common Name and Scientific Name of seed, and date harvested (info is on seed packet).

4. Take handouts or see: Winter Sowing, Stratification

For more information about Winter Sowing see Saving Pollinators in Winter

Your Seedy Librarian Says:
"Sow no seeds before their time!"

So, How Do I Return Seeds?

Libraries are set up for both borrowing and returning resources and so is this seed library!

Your Seedy Librarian is ready to process your returns!

Here is how:

  1. When your native plants go to seed next year, collect and dry some of them (see forthcoming handout: "Collecting Native Seeds")
  2. Put each variety of fully dry seeds into a separate paper envelope or small paper bag (please keep seed varieties separate!)
  3. Label each envelope with Common and Scientific names and with the Date Collected
  4. Fill in the "Return Date" on your membership form in the Orange Binder
  5. Place your seeds in the "Returns" dropbox!

    Now you have taken your seeds full circle!
    Your Seedy Librarian is grateful for your contribution!

    Questions? Please contact the Seedy Librarian by emailing: