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Purple Love Grass (2" pot)

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Perennial grass

Sun Exposure: Full
Soil Moisture:  Moist
Soil: Sandy
Height: 1'–2'
Bloom color: Purple
Resistant to: Deer

Birds love the seeds!

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Purple Love Grass (Eragrostis spectabilis) It's no wonder that this ornamental grass is preferred by professional landscapers. Purple Love Grass is a small, perennial, well-behaved ornamental grass in the Poaceae (grass family). This warm-season grass is native to central and eastern North America and is found naturally in sandy fields, along roadsides, and in woodlands. It spreads slowly by rhizomes. Plant it in open areas with well-drained, moist soil in the full sun. When it blooms it offers a misty purple tone to the garden.

Great choice for a rain garden

Info from www.wildflowers.org