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Blue Flag Iris (2")

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Native Perennial

Sun Exposure: Sun
Soil Moisture: Wet
Soil type: Moist, rich soil
Height: 2'
Bloom Time:  May-June
Bloom Color: White, pink, blue
Resistance: Deer
Attracts: Birds, hummingbirds, butterflies, native bees

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Southern Blue Flag (Iris virginica) is 2 feet (60 cm) tall with bright green leaves that often lie on the ground or water. Southern blue flag is an ideal plant for edges of ponds, lily pools or drainage ditches. Could be good for rain gardens.

Southern Blueflag is a member of the iris family (family Iridaceae) which consists of herbs growing from rhizomes, bulbs, or corms, with narrow basal leaves and showy clusters at the tips of long stalks. Flowers: usually radially symmetrical; calyx has 3 petal-like sepals; corolla has 3 petals; stamens 3. All these parts are attached at top of ovary. Leaves: simple, alternate, folded and overlapping one another at the base and aligned in two rows.

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