Welcome to the Rochester Pollinators Native Plant Shop!


Explore Our Fall 2023 Collections Below:

  • Native Plant Garden Kits - We have three different kits available this fall:

    • Pollinator Powerhouse: Our largest kit with 24 plants (2ea of 12 species) that are sure to attract and support a large variety of native pollinators
    • Fall '23 Native Shade Garden Kit: This season, our shade garden kit is both expanded and updated to include more blooming plants and a range of bloom times so that there is something available for pollinators throughout the growing season from spring through fall, including 3 premium species. This kit contains 12 plants (2ea of 6 species).
    • Monarch Buffet: Always a favorite! In addition to Monarch host plants, Rose Milkweed & Butterfly Milkweed, this kit contains 4 other showy blooms for nectar (and pollen for our important native bees!). A total of 12 plants (2ea of 6 species).
  • Individual Native Plants - This season, we are offering 30 different varieties to choose from. Each description includes growing conditions and benefits to pollinators and birds

  • Native Shrubs - Great for any expansion of pollinator habitat or to replace invasive Asiatic and European shrub varieties in your landscape.

  • Pollinator Garden Sign -  An excellent way to share your love of native plants and pollinators, and invite conversation about your environmentally friendly landscape.

    All proceeds from the sale of these items go directly into supporting our mission of saving native pollinators one native plant at a time and includes support for:

    • Expanding and creating public native gardens in Rochester
    • Educational programs and presentations
    • Free printed materials to individuals, businesses and other organizations who want to learn more
    • Support for local school garden projects
    • Continued engagement with the WWF Mayor's Monarch Pledge action plan
    • Outreach to neighboring cities and townships to spread this work throughout Southeast Michigan

    As always, please feel free to contact us directly with any questions you may have!