Staghorn Sumac (Gallon)

Staghorn Sumac (Gallon)

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Native Deciduous Shrub

Water Use: Low
Light Requirement: Sun , Part Shade , Shade
Soil Moisture: Dry
Drought Tolerance: High
Soil Description: Dry, rocky or gravelly soils
Size Notes: Height to 25 feet.
Leaf: Green above, pale below.
Autumn Foliage: Yes
Fruit: Red and fuzzy. 1/8 inch diameter.
Bloom Color: Red, Yellow, Green
Bloom Time: June, July
Attracts: Birds
Pollinator Benefits: Xerces society ratings: Special Value to Native Bees; Special Value to Honey Bees; Provides Nesting Materials/Structure for Native Bees;
Supports Conservation Biological Control


Staghorn Sumac (Rhus typhina) - The stag-horn sumac is a 15-30 ft., colony-forming, deciduous shrub with crooked, leaning trunks, picturesque branches, and velvety twigs. Large, bright-green, pinnately-compound leaves become extremely colorful in early fall. On female plants, yellow-green flowers are followed by fuzzy, bright red berries in erect, pyramidal clusters which persist throughout winter. Staghorn Sumac reaches tree size more often than related species and commonly forms thickets. In winter, the bare, widely forking, stout, hairy twigs resemble deer antlers "in velvet," hence the alternate common name.